Website Deign for Sole Traders

Website Design for Sole Traders & Small Businesses

Orange Unicorn offer website Design for Sole Traders. We understand the needs of sole traders and small businesses and can help with your digital requirements.

Our Beginnings

A long time ago we started working with digital media. It was probably in the mid to late noughties. It was a different time back then, before smart phones, before fibre broadband, before Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime Video. Before everyone had an Amazon Echo. I think it would have been around the time of the demise of CRT monitors.

Our first website design for sole traders was cutting edge at the time. It was written in HTML and CSS and was created for a family business. That site has undergone a number of iterations since, and we have developed more sites for friends and family. These are the sort of people that we like to work with. Small Businesses, sole traders, tradesmen, the sort of people that need a website and don’t know how to do it.

Our Ethos

You know that you want your website to stand out from the crowd. You don’t want to be using a company offering you the same template as everyone else in your field. Of course we understand that, we want to help you to suceed. After all the back bone of the country is small businesses.

At Orange Unicorn we want to help you build your web presence, we can offer various packages, there is no one size fits all. We can offer branding help, logo design, help with e-mail, website and domains. We even offer IT training if you require it.

Why we are different

Oh and because you work in the day, we like to do most of our communication outside of the 9 to 5 drag. After all if you’re a tradesman you don’t want to be taking a call whilst in the middle of running cable or connecting water pipe do you?

That’s the Orange Unicorn difference!